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The audio version of TV programs for and about Amateur Radio (Ham Radio). The video version is hosted at (and, to be totally honest, on YouTube). Our shows come in three flavors: Talk Shows, Seminars/Forums, and mini-documentaries. Sorry for the mash-up, but any episode may be in one (or more) of those categories.
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Aug 30, 2016

One more Archive episode to cap off the Libsyn monthly allotment.

I talked to (now former, then current) ARRL President Kay Craigie N3KN at the 2013 Dayton Hamvention. We started a few minutes before the fest opened on Sunday morning, and ended probably with the rest of the League booth staff wondering what happened to Kay, who had been AWOL for over an hour.

You'll benefit, though, from this in depth conversation, mostly about her background, but also about a little "current events" that still resonate now.

Totally talking heads, so a Radio Rating of A+.

Aug 30, 2016

End of the month, and some storage space to use up before it goes poof, so we'll dip into the archive.

I interviewed Erin King AK4JG at the Huntsville Hamfest in 2012, shortly after she was presented as the Newsline Young Ham of the Year. She was about to begin her freshman (freshwoman?) year at MIT.

This is mostly talking heads, though I did toss in a little video of one of her balloon launches. MIT students are known to 'hack' the tube that their acceptance letter comes in, and Erin added a camera and APRS to hers and sent it to the edge of space. So it gets a Radio Rate of A.

I know that since then she's interned at Google on Project Loon (their plan to float Internet-delivering balloons around the globe), but otherwise I haven't kept up. I really need to check in and see how she's doing. 

Aug 30, 2016

An unboxing on audio? Compelling, I'm sure.

Well, I'm still tied up with cat maintenance (and thanks for your many kind comments - the Bear is probably in 'hospice' care now, but his quality of life is good enough and the vet says there's still some chance of recovery, so we're putting in the effort).

But I have had some time to play with a couple new radios - a BTech (BaoFeng) UV-5x3 tri-band HT, and a TYT MD-380 DMR HT. And I've figured out how to point the HamRadioNow TV studio to Facebook Live (and the audio audience makes a few polite golf claps - but if you do Facebook, look for the HamRadioNow show page, and Facebook Public Group). 

I did an 'unboxing' of both radios on Facebook Live. They lost the first one, and I didn't record it. This one is sticking around. And I'm only putting it out here because I haven't had the chance to make many programs, and at least this is something.

So, an unboxing on radio? Maybe I ramble enough to make it worth listening to, but I'll give it a C-. Tell me if you like it more than I think.

Aug 22, 2016

The HamRadioNow KICKSTARTER for making video of the ARRL/TAPR DCC successfully ended Sunday night (August 21). Gary had just gotten the studio connected to Facebook LIVE, and used the countdown to the KICKSTARTER closing as an excuse for a live broadcast. 

There's lots on-screen to see, but the audio only isn't too bad, so it gets a Radio Grade of  B.

Aug 19, 2016

A little filler between episodes. But heck, at 20 minutes, it's longer than some other podcast's regular shows, so I changed my mind and gave it a number. Also, a look at Ham Radio in the TV show Limitless.

Aug 5, 2016

You think we're talking about the Hamvention® move, right? 

Nope. We recorded this program the day before the move was announced, but a technical glitch kept us from uploading it then. We'll do a show on Xenia... er, Dayton... soon. This one is about all that Digital Voice stuff we've been talking about.

Yeah, kinda got the rug pulled out from under it. Oh, well, that's show biz.

Here Jeff AC4ZO, Cyndi KD4ACW and Gary banter about stuff that's changed, and how that worked out.

We'd give this an Audio Rating of A excpept for one thing. Gary messed up with Wirecast and got a rogue microphone turned on for one shot. That irritation drops the show one letter to B, and we hope that'll make an impression so he never makes that mistake again.